Farewells, welcomes, and congratulations – Bike Bendigo

Farewells, welcomes, and congratulations

Farewells, welcomes, and congratulations

We’d like to acknowledge some changes to the committee over the past six months. 

Having spent a heady year and a half at the helm, former Bike Bendigo president Jac Torres-Gomez left the committee this year to focus her time on family and her busy work role. 

Bike Bendigo stalwart Rob Kretschmer also stepped down from the committee in May after five hard-working years, highlights of which include convening the highly successful Australian Walking and Cycling Conference and producing our platypus mural in October last year. Thanks Rob and Jac for your substantial contribution to Bike Bendigo and best wishes! 

Meanwhile, we congratulate Vice President Megan Goode on the birth of her first child, Audrey, in June – we hope to welcome Megan back in due course! 

Thanks, and best wishes also to Julie Sloane and Fiona McMahon. 

This year we have also welcomed Adrian McMahon (treasurer), Clare Dullard (secretary), and Kevin Crockett to the committee. Other current committee members are Nicola Dunnicliff-Wells (president), Chris Corr, Barry Floyd, Augustus Brown and Janine Coffey.