Workshop Recaps: Biking for tweens and teens (Summer 2020) – Bike Bendigo

Workshop Recaps: Biking for tweens and teens (Summer 2020)

Workshop Recaps: Biking for tweens and teens (Summer 2020)

This past summer (January 2020) we have been delivering some great workshops for tweens and teens to help boost young riders’ confidence and road safety skills before they return to school. The workshops have been delivered in Castlemaine (funded by Healthy Heart of Victoria and Mount Alexander Shire Council) and Bendigo.

The workshops have been developed following the success of the urban cycling workshops delivered as part of Bike Palooza Bendigo in October 2019.

We’re really keen to support students to ride when they move from primary to high school, they’re ready to be more independent, but they may not necessarily have much experience riding on the road.

In Victoria, footpath riding is permitted only up to age 13. We want to make sure students have the skills and knowledge to ride safely on roads – and to help them work out how to minimise travel on busy streets on their way to school.

What was involved in these workshops?

The workshops included a mixture of interactive discussion, practical riding activities and fun. Participants fine-tuned their riding skills, learnt strategies to ride safely on the road (including how to negotiate intersections), brushed up on the law, and workshoped their route to school.

If you’re a parent, we encourage you to ride with your kids regularly whenever you can or at least talk with them about how to ride safely and share roads and paths with others. Just like learning to drive, learning to ride in traffic takes practice and, as parents, we can help reinforce those safe riding strategies and behaviours.

In any case, bike riding is a lovely way to spend time with tweens and teens!

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