About Us

Bike Bendigo is a not-for-profit community organisation working to make bike riding an easy and attractive choice for people of all ages and cycling ability.

Our vision? for Bendigo to be the bicycle capital of regional Australia.

Run by a committee of passionate volunteers, Bike Bendigo was established in 2014 out of the community momentum generated by a series of public discussions on the topic: ‘Bendigo, a cycling city’.

We work in partnership with a range of organisations to continuously improve the bicycle friendliness of our region.

Please contact us if you’d like to help make Bendigo a better place to ride.

We celebrate cycling of all forms, but our particular focus is to support and nurture ‘everyday’ cycling – using a bike to get around locally.

Lack of physical activity is a problem in our community – and we know that a little bit of incidental activity every day would help us avoid many of the chronic diseases that compromise our quality of life and cost so much to treat.

Everyday cycling is something anyone can do – you don’t need to be fit, strong, fast or fanatical. We’re not suggesting people should travel exclusively by bike: it’s one mode in a transport mix. We want to make it easier to choose riding for more trips.


Bike Bendigo’s main areas of focus are:


We work with government and agencies and the public to improve bike infrastructure, advocating for a better outcome for bikes. Our philosophy is that people from 8 to 80 years should be able to ride safely around our city.

Examples of projects we have been or are involved with include:

  • The McIvor Road underpass on Back Creek Trail
  • Napier Street upgrade (and the Northern Bendigo Bikeway study)
  • Ellis Street separated bike lanes, Flora Hill
  • Bendigo Creek – Bendigo Lowline proposed central city trail
  • The City of Greater Bendigo’s 2019 Walking and Cycling Strategy
  • Ewing Park masterplan and redevelopment
  • Marong Road, Strathfieldsaye Road and McIvor Highway upgrade studies
  • Hargreaves Street crossing, Golden Square
  • Eaglehawk Station precinct
  • Ironbark Gully shared user trail.



We are working towards a culture where bike riding is widely accepted as an important part of the transport mix: where more people consider riding for some of their trips and more people – even those who never ride – accept riding as a legitimate and normal transport mode.

We host and participate in various events, most notably Bike Palooza Bendigo, a month-long festival in October featuring a range of events and activities that celebrate having a bike in your life.

Events we have hosted or participated in include:

  • Australian Walking and Cycling Conference (convened 2018; presented 2016, 2017, 2018)
  • Filmed by bike (2017, 2018)
  • Fun Loong Fun Day and Open Streets
  • Popup learn-to-ride park and mural painting (2018)
  • Project Underpass (2018)
  • Bike the Baton (Queens Baton Relay, 2017)
  • Bendigo Easter Parade


We know that many people don’t feel they have the confidence and skills to get around comfortably and safely on their bike.

Our monthly community rides have, since 2016, provided a relaxed and friendly opportunity for people of all abilities to ride away from traffic – a perfect way for newer and returning riders to find their feet.

We run programs and events that empower less confident riders and equip them with skills to ride safely. Examples include:

  • Pushy women skills workshop (2015)
  • Skills workshops at LaTrobe University (2017)
  • Skills workshops for young Afghan women (2018)
  • Popup Learn to Ride Park (Bike Palooza Bendigo, 2018)
  • Skills workshops for Karen families newly arrived in Bendigo (2019)
  • Skills workshops at Eaglehawk (2019).

Other capacity-building activities include:

  • Auspicing the Thursday Joy Riders Community Grant program (2015)
  • Sponsoring a women’s team in the Bendigo International Madison (2015)
  • Facilitating the establishment and supporting the development of the Active Travel, Healthy Kids Community Network to foster active travel to school (2016)
  • Bringing experts to Bendigo to transfer knowledge (2016, 2018)
  • Convening the Australian Walking and Cycling Conference (2018)
  • Hosting a public event with Bicycle Network (2019).



An important part of building a bike-friendly city is being part of the conversation, and keeping people in the know about what’s going on.

We are a media-friendly organisation, and active on social media. We are regularly contacted for media comment on bike-related issues. We also communicate with our supporters through eNewsletters (subscribe to stay in the loop!)

As of 2019, Bike Bendigo coordinates the Bendigo Weekly’s fortnightly Bendigo Bike Life column.