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BikeLife: Meredith and Andrew Gallagher

Meredith and Andrew Gallagher got into bike riding while living in England, where narrow roads, short distances and difficulty parking made bike riding more attractive than driving. But it stopped when they returned to Australia. “We moved around a lot and didn’t get back into riding,” explains Andrew. Black Saturday was the catalyst that spurred […]

Bike Life: Riding the COVID-19 wave

Words by Jo Lythgo. When the news broke last month that we could no longer ride our bikes in groups – that we had to go it alone, with our family or with one other person only – the rebel in me wanted to stomp my feet and say no, no, NO! With COVID-19 coming […]

Bike Life: Tech, trike and trail adds to the ride

Words by Kevin Crockett Cycling – is it just about the riding? Not for me it isn’t; I need more from the experience. My riding has a couple of added attractions to provide a bit more incentive to ride. I ride a recumbent tadpole trike that I made myself. Being something of an electronics enthusiast, […]